HE founded his first startup at the age of 17,in Nigeria, dadahome, “beauty and fashion company.” In 2012, after having left Nigeria, Harry financed other startup projects. A passionate businessman and technology expert,his background as an entrepreneur led him to become one of the successful businessmen in Turkey. in 2020 he realized he could revolutionize the use of web3 by integrating it with entertainments, socialization and peer-to-peer global market –and that idea gave birth to E-talk project.



 With a long experience in large-scale business,entertainments and in some Hi-tech sectors she developed love for web3 and crypto with perfect skills in the field of marketing she focused on planning operations and investors seeking.


Web Developer

AMEHT is a skilled web developer who chooses to remain anonymous. Despite his desire to keep his identity private, AMEHT is highly regarded in the web development community for his expertise and capabilities. His decision to remain anonymous may be due to personal or professional reasons such as the need for privacy, security concerns, or simply a preference for a low profile. Regardless of his anonymity, AMEHT's work speaks for itself, and his contributions to the field of web development are highly valued. It is important to respect AMEHT's anonymity and focus on the quality and effectiveness of his  work rather than their personal details.