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Borrow With Your Crypto Assets

♦ Important Notes
Minimum: $50 for Stablecoin Transfers and $500 for Bank Transfers

Stablecoin Transfers: Funds are received immediately in your E-TALK Account
Local Bank Transfers: Funds are usually received on the same/next business day (up to 2-5 business days if it is a USD withdrawal to a non-US bank account).
Credit Line –(terms)
Maturity: up to 1 year (may be renewed on request without repayment). The period starts after your first loan withdrawal.
E-TALK Rates: Starting from 0% per year (APR) when holding ikọbọ Tokens, up to 50% otherwise. Interest is charged only on what you use and for the days you borrow.
Credit Line Repayments
No minimum are required, as interest is debited manually  from your available credit.
You can repay all or some of your loan early at any time and you could save interest – as you only pay interest of  3% for the days you borrow. (e.g) john borrows $50 worth of any available assets in E-talk credit, john is require to pay $1.5 per a day for what he borrowed. liquidation of asset will only be triggered if john can not repay his interest with his available balance. otherwise holding ikọbọ by locking it and pay 0% upto 1 year
You can make repayments by bank transfer or using crypto, including the assets deposited in your E-WALLET


loan repayment amount in ETK
what asset are you repaying with ?